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Symbio range extender with Borit metal bipolar plates goes commercial


Borit is the supplier-of-choice for metal bipolar plates in the successful range extender fuel cell systems of the French market leader Symbio.

Geel (Belgium), February 03, 2017, – Symbio, the French specialist for complete Fuel Cell systems vehicles, relies on Borit’s expertise for the development and industrial series production for metal bipolar plates.

Metal bipolar plates are a key component in fuel cells. Their production is extremely challenging for requiring intricate structures, tight tolerances, precise and gas tight laser welding of very thin metal sheets, and strict quality control in a cost-efficient way at advantageous prices. The performance and power density of fuel cells – as is particularly important in vehicles – strongly depends on the capabilities of the bipolar plate manufacturer.

Borit’s production is based on their proprietary forming technology Hydrogate™ that enables a fast development from prototyping to volume production. Borit is a one-stop shop for manufacturers of fuel cells and electrolysers and offers the complete value chain including co-engineering and material sourcing over forming, cutting, welding, coating and sealing.

 “For the past five years, we have been delighted to work in collaboration with Borit’s engineering team. With a fast and short cycle for fuel cells development as well as a smooth transition from prototyping to series production, we are pleased to welcome Borit as a partner for the commercialisation of our Fuel Cell Range Extender”, said Fabio Ferrari, CEO Symbio.

“It is a great pleasure to have this long-term cooperation with Symbio. There are very few players in the fuel cell business who follow their targets consequently and successfully over so many years as Symbio. We look forward to assist Symbio on their way to this growing market”, said Luc Wanten, CEO Borit NV.


About Borit NV

Borit manufactures sheet metal products and assemblies using its proprietary Hydrogate™ forming technology resulting in advanced product designs with high forming quality and precision.

Borit is a total solution provider for sheet metal products offering its customers flexibility and support through the complete product development cycle, including entry into large volume production.

Borit's products are used across the globe in fuel cells and electrolysers, thermal solutions (e.g. cooling solutions for electric vehicle battery packs), and lightweight structural parts.

Borit achieved the ISO 9001/TS 16949 certification as an expression of its continuous commitment to superior quality.

Borit started off as a spin-off company of OCAS NV and Borit Leichtbau-Technik GmbH and was established in 2010. (


About Symbio

Symbio is engineering complete vehicle Fuel Cell systems, from prototyping to integration.  Symbio offers a complete hydrogen fuel cell system compatible to different usage-cycles and type of vehicle (commercial vehicles, van, bus, trucks, boats). These systems can be serial produced and homologated on road.

Symbio designs and produces both PEM-based Hydrogen Fuel Cell Range Extenders (5 kW to 20 kW), and Full Power Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems (80 kW to 300 kW). Symbio’s Range Extenders operate in vehicles (such the Renault Kangoo, which established an impressive record with a continuous driving time of 367 km), vans, compact buses and waste trucks. Fleet operators such French La Poste and French Fire brigade trusted in Symbio and invested in the Kangoo ZE-H2.


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