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Borit is dedicated to advancing its state-of-the-art production infrastructure for thin metal bipolar plates and interconnects. Our expertise in sheet metal forming, precision cutting, advanced welding, and flexible sealing goes beyond manufacturing excellence; it underscores our commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

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At Borit, our pursuit of excellence in renewable energy innovation is intertwined with a profound mission of sustainability and partnership, reflecting our core values of integrity, respect, and responsibility towards our planet and its people.

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At Borit, engineering is the cornerstone of our innovation-driven approach, where a blend of expertise, precision, and advanced technology culminates in the development of high-quality components for clean energy systems. Our engineering team excels in designing and refining the production of thin metal bipolar plates and interconnects, essential for the efficiency and reliability of fuel cells and electrolyzers. With a focus on continuous improvement and embracing cutting-edge techniques, Borit engineers are not just creating products; they are engineering a sustainable future.

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Borit Hydrogate™ is our proprietary forming technology, which industrializes hydroforming for sheet metals to a continuous process using an innovative press concept. Due to our single tooling concept, design specific developments are done in very attractive turnaround times at low tooling costs without the need for tool changes to support higher volume production.

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Borit skillfully incorporates the latest technological advancements into its production workflow, providing a wide array of industrial solutions with both laser cutting and mechanical die cutting services. These services are carefully customized to align with the unique demands and production scales of our clients. By offering a dual-option cutting strategy, we ensure that each project is paired with the optimal cutting technique, enhancing quality and streamlining efficiency and cost.

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Many (PEM) bipolar plate designs require the joining of two formed plates. Borit has developed state-of-the-art laser welding technology and assets to provide customers with a high-quality and high-speed solution.

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Borit's expertise extends into the critical area of sealing for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) applications, encompassing both fuel cells and electrolyzers, as well as for bipolar and monopolar plates. This specialization underscores Borit's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions that address every aspect of PEM device assembly and performance.

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At Borit, we dream of a future where our expertise significantly contributes to the dawn of an era dominated by renewable energies. By applying our know-how to innovate in the field of components for fuel cells and electrolyzers, we aspire to be at the heart of this energy transition. Our vision for the future is one where every Borit innovation fuels progress towards a greener, more sustainable society.


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At Borit, we're not just shaping metal; we're shaping the future of clean energy. Join us in powering a greener tomorrow with our innovative metal solutions for fuel cells and electrolyzers.