"I have a dream that we're making the future's promise accessible today."

Powering the renewable energy revolution

At Borit, we dream of a future where our expertise significantly contributes to the dawn of an era dominated by renewable energies

By applying our know-how to innovate in the field of components for fuel cells and electrolyzers, we aspire to be at the heart of this energy transition. Our vision for the future is one where every Borit innovation fuels progress towards a greener, more sustainable society. 

Together, let's turn this dream into reality, propelling humanity towards a renewable horizon.

Green hydrogen

Green hydrogen production involves the electrolysis of water to separate hydrogen and oxygen molecules using an electric current. 

The technology for this process, particularly in proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers, often utilizes metal bipolar plates as a key component.

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Use of fuel cells 

Fuel cells are a technology for generating electricity through a chemical reaction rather than combustion. 

They convert the energy stored in chemical compounds directly into electrical energy, water, and heat, offering a cleaner alternative to traditional power sources that burn fossil fuels.

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Use of electrolysers 

Electrolyzers are devices that use electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen through a process known as electrolysis. 

This technology is crucial for the production of hydrogen, particularly green hydrogen, when the electricity used comes from renewable energy sources.

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