Borit excels in the field of metal plates and assemblies for fuel cells and electrolyzers, seamlessly guiding customers from the initial design phase through prototyping and onto series production. 

By leveraging a diverse array of technologies and capabilities, we ensure a smooth production ramp-up that offers the ideal balance between development flexibility, cost-efficiency, and time-to-market. 

Our suite of technologies accelerates product development cycles, providing unique cost advantages and supporting fast-paced innovation.

Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)

In the realm of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells, Borit stands out by meeting specific requirements through a comprehensive approach.

We supply components for various PEM types, including High Temperature PEM, Low Temperature PEM, and Direct Methanol FCs. Our co-engineering process for bipolar plate design optimizes functionality and mass manufacturing compatibility, ensuring the best possible balance between quality and cost. 

Our expertise extends to handling complex formed plates essential for product functionality and processing thin sheet metals down to 50µm thick across a wide range of materials, including Stainless Steels (316L, 304L, etc.), various Titanium grades, and numerous alloys like Inconel.


We adeptly manage precoated materials with minimal damage to the coating layer and employ laser welding to assemble several single plates into a high-performance bipolar plate that meets cooling or specific design requirements. 

Our support for high production volumes is bolstered by 100% leak tightness and quality control to maintain the required weld quality levels.

Furthermore, Borit supports the development and manufacturing of seals to ensure optimal stack gas tightness and provides the ability to validate several coating types with an array of coating solutions.

We offer a clear growth path from prototyping to volume production, underpinned by clear investment milestones.

With applied experience from over 50 proven designs in PEM fuel cell technology, Borit's products are utilized in various applications.

This includes stationary applications for backup power generation and local energy storage, automotive and heavy-duty transport applications addressing limitations of battery-powered electric vehicles, aerospace applications for high power density fuel conversion to electricity with low system weight, and material handling applications benefiting from flexible and localized energy management and low downtime due to fast fueling times.


Borit adeptly meets the intricate requirements for Electrolyzers, delivering components for various types, AEM (Anion Exchange Membrane), and Alkaline Electrolyzers.


Optimizing plate design for manufacturing excellence

Through co-engineering efforts, we ensure that each plate design is optimized for functionality and mass manufacturing compatibility, striking an ideal balance between quality and cost. 

Our proficiency in forming complex plate geometries is essential for specific product functionalities, and we process thin sheet metals across a spectrum of materials like titanium, stainless steel, nickel, and nickel-based alloys, among others.

We specialize in crafting complex bipolar plate designs that enhance the stiffness-to-weight ratio, crucial for reducing system mass and material costs while accommodating high reactant pressures. 

Our process includes the careful handling and processing of various precoated materials, ensuring the integrity of the coating layer. Laser welding of assemblies comprising several plates allows for a more intricate and efficient bipolar plate design, all supported by weld quality control to maintain high-quality standards.

Borit supports the development and production of sealing concepts to optimize stack gas tightness and offers a comprehensive array of coating solutions, accommodating coating before or after forming.

Techniques like electrochemical etching and laser cleaning of bipolar plates are employed to ensure optimal metallic surfaces. 

With a clear trajectory from prototyping to volume production, underscored by defined investment milestones, Borit leverages its extensive experience from over 30 proven designs in Electrolyzer technology.

Borit's products play a pivotal role in Electrolyzers for the generation of hydrogen through various electrolyzer types such as PEM, Alkaline, AEM, and SOEC. 

They facilitate on-site production of green hydrogen using renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and hydropower, offering a sustainable solution for energy storage in backup power systems. 

Furthermore, Borit's technology supports the production of green hydrogen for use in energy-intensive industries, contributing to the development of sustainable building materials, steel, and more, marking a significant step towards greener industrial processes.

Solide Oxide

Borit adeptly caters to the nuanced needs of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) and Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells (SOEC).

This ensures each bipolar plate design is co-engineered to optimize functionality and compatibility with mass manufacturing. This meticulous approach guarantees the best possible equilibrium between quality and cost. Our expertise extends to managing the complexity of formed plates essential for specific functionalities within these systems. Specializing in processing thin chromium steels like Stainless Steel 441, Stainless Steel 444, and Crofer Steel, with thicknesses typically ranging from 100-500µm, we meet the high-temperature requirements of SOFC/SOEC stacks.


Advanced Coating and Welding

Borit's proficiency in handling and processing precoated materials minimizes the impact on the coating layer, while our laser welding techniques assemble multiple layers into a comprehensive bipolar plate design. This process, supported by rigorous weld quality control, ensures the highest standards are met for large-scale production. Our capabilities also include validating various coating types, providing clients with a spectrum of coating solutions to meet their specific needs.

Guiding projects from prototyping to volume production, Borit offers a clear and supported growth path, marked by distinct investment milestones. Drawing on our extensive experience from over 30 proven designs in SOFC & SOEC technology, we stand at the forefront of innovation in this field.

Borit’s products are integral to SOFC & SOEC stacks

These include systems that run on diverse fuels such as pure hydrogen, biofuels, fossil fuels, and natural gases, as well as combinations thereof. 

Our solutions power stationary applications for backup power generation and local energy storage, and they are pivotal in automotive and heavy-duty transport, often serving as range extenders to overcome the limitations of battery electric vehicles regarding range, weight, and charging speed.

Additionally, our technology supports Auxiliary Power Units across various transport sectors and Combined Heat & Power (CHP) systems, providing both electric power and residual heat for enhanced efficiency and sustainability.

Other applications

Borit's innovative products find their application across a diverse range of industries, serving as key components in various systems beyond traditional fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Our technology is integral to reformers that prepare fuels for use in fuel cells and other applications, optimizing the energy conversion process. Additionally, our cooling plates are pivotal in managing the temperatures of battery packs and power electronics, catering to the demanding needs of the transportation and energy storage sectors.


Heat exchangers, another area of our expertise, facilitate efficient thermal energy transfer between gases and liquids, showcasing our commitment to enhancing energy efficiency.

Furthermore, Borit's structural panels are engineered to support high loads while minimizing weight, a critical requirement in industries such as automotive and aerospace, where performance and efficiency are paramount.

Through these versatile applications, Borit underscores its role in driving innovation and supporting sustainability across multiple domains.


Wherever our customers thrive, we innovate alongside them, aligning with their global footprint to deliver excellence right to their doorstep.