Our Vision

Borit is at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying critical metal components and assemblies for fuel cells and electrolyzers, tailored to customer requirements and specifications.

Our internal development of manufacturing processes underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence

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We aspire to localize manufacturing and supply networks, aiming to serve customers on a local-for-local basis. 

With our Belgian headquarters in Geel serving as the European production base and a global technology center, Borit is well positioned to offer dedicated service and support to our international clientele.


Our Mission

Borit's mission is to be at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution by providing innovative and sustainable metal components for fuel cell and electrolyzer technologies. 

We are committed to driving the transition towards a cleaner, greener future through excellence in manufacturing, engineering, and customer service.

At the core of our mission is the belief that renewable energy technologies are key to addressing the world's energy challenges. To this end, Borit leverages its expertise in advanced manufacturing processes to produce high-quality, durable metal components that are essential for the efficient operation of fuel cells and electrolyzers. 

These components play a critical role in enabling the widespread adoption of hydrogen as a clean, versatile energy carrier.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation ...

It is not only to meet the current demands of our customers but also to anticipate and shape future market trends. Borit is committed to developing solutions that are not just technically superior but also economically viable and environmentally sustainable. 

This involves optimizing our manufacturing processes :

  • to reduce waste, 
  • lower energy consumption, 
  • and minimize our carbon footprint.

... and beyond

Trust, transparency, mutual respect

Our mission extends beyond our products and services to encompass a broader commitment to our customers, employees, and the communities in which we operate. 

We strive to build lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect. By working closely with our customers, we aim to understand their needs better and provide customized solutions that contribute to their success.

Learning, innovation, teamwork

Empowering our employees is also a key part of our mission. 

We foster a culture of learning, innovation, and teamwork, where every member of the Borit family is encouraged to contribute their ideas and expertise. This collaborative approach ensures that we remain agile, responsive, and capable of leading the way in a rapidly evolving industry.

Borit's mission is about more than just business success.

It's about playing an integral role in building a sustainable future for generations to come. 

By advancing the capabilities and applications of fuel cell and electrolyzer technologies, we are helping to pave the way for a world where clean energy is accessible, reliable, and affordable for all.


Wherever our customers thrive, we innovate alongside them, aligning with their global footprint to deliver excellence right to their doorstep.