Hydrogate™: Revolutionizing Metal Forming Technology

Borit's Hydrogate™ represents a significant leap forward in the field of metal forming technology, embodying an innovative adaptation of traditional hydroforming techniques for sheet metals into a continuous, streamlined process.

At the heart of Hydrogate™ is an inventive press concept that revolutionizes the way sheet metals are formed, making it vastly more efficient than conventional hydroforming.

Efficiency and Versatility

Our proprietary technology distinguishes itself through a unique single tooling concept. 

This approach significantly reduces the complexity, time and cost traditionally associated with design-specific developments. By eliminating the necessity for multiple tool changes, Hydrogate™ allows for rapid prototyping and development phases, ensuring that custom designs progress from initial concept to ready-to-manufacture products in impressively short turnaround times.

Moreover, the cost efficiency of this system is unparalleled. 

The single tooling concept drastically lowers tooling expenses, a benefit that becomes increasingly significant as production volumes rise. This efficiency does not come at the expense of versatility or quality; Hydrogate™ is capable of handling a wide range of design specifications and material types, maintaining high precision and consistency across production runs.

Accelerating high-volume metal production


Borit's Hydrogate™ technology thus provides an attractive solution for industries seeking to leverage the benefits of hydroforming for high-volume production without the traditional high costs and lengthy development times. 

This technology ensures that our clients can enjoy the advantages of rapid, cost-effective development cycles, making it easier to bring innovative and complex metal components to market faster and more economically.

Borit's Hydrogate™ advantages

Design Flexibility 

Our process accommodates challenging and complex designs, offering unparalleled design flexibility that caters to any metal and any material thickness. 

This ensures that even the most intricate projects can be realized without compromise."

High Quality

The forming process we utilize significantly reduces residual stresses, resulting in parts with less internal strain. 

This leads to very tight dimensional tolerances and excellent repeatability, ensuring high-quality outcomes for every project.

Fast, Cost-Efficient 

Our approach includes pragmatic small-scale forming tests, allowing for swift adjustments early in the development phase. 

The same single step tool is used from first prototypes to high volumes, facilitating fast and cost-efficient development from concept to final product.

Higher Productivity

Our production line is designed for continuous production straight from the coil, enabling short cycle times and the ability to produce multiple parts in one cycle. 

This maximizes productivity and efficiency, ensuring that we can meet high demand without sacrificing quality.


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