Energy Storage and Grid Management


Renewable Energy Integration 

Electrolyzers can be used to store excess electricity generated from renewable sources like solar and wind by converting it into hydrogen. 

This hydrogen can be stored and then used to generate electricity when demand is high or renewable generation is low, helping to balance the grid.


Energy Storage

Hydrogen produced by electrolyzers can be stored for long periods, making it a form of long-term energy storage. 

This is particularly useful in regions with significant seasonal variations in renewable energy production.



Fuel for fuel cell vehicles

Electrolyzers produce hydrogen that can be used as a clean fuel for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), including cars, buses, trucks, and trains

This application is critical for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector.

Industrial Processes


Feedstock in Chemical

Manufacturing Hydrogen produced through electrolyzis is used as a raw material in various chemical processes, including the production of ammonia for fertilizers, methanol, and other chemicals.



The refining industry uses hydrogen to process crude oil into refined fuels, such as gasoline and diesel, and to remove contaminants from these fuels.

Power Generation


Hydrogen for Power Plants

Hydrogen can be co-fired with natural gas in power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions or used in dedicated hydrogen turbines for electricity generation.



Industrial Heating

Hydrogen is used as a clean fuel for high-temperature industrial processes, including steel-making and other metallurgical processes.


Residential and Commercial Heating

There's growing interest in using hydrogen for heating buildings through hydrogen-ready boilers and in district heating systems.

Decarbonization and Environmental Applications


Carbon-Neutral Fuel Production

Electrolyzers facilitate the production of green hydrogen, which can be used to create synthetic fuels that are carbon-neutral.


Reducing Industrial Carbon Emissions

Hydrogen generated by electrolyzers can replace fossil fuels in industries that are hard to electrify, significantly reducing carbon emissions.


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