More than a decade of pioneering innovation and strategic growth

Borit nv, established in 2010 as a visionary spin-off from OCAS nv—a distinguished metal research center jointly owned by ArcelorMittal and the Flemish Region—and Borit Leichtbau-Technik GmbH, has carved a niche for itself in the advanced manufacturing sector.

This pivotal beginning set the stage for what would become a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the field of thin metal sheet forming and processing.

In November 2020, marking a new chapter in its history, Borit was acquired by Weifu Holding ApS, becoming -an integral part of the clean energy strategy of the Weifu High-Technology Group Co., Ltd., a conglomerate known for its technological prowess and market leadership.


Advancing industry frontiers with hydrogate technology

From its inception, Borit has been on a continuous quest to push the boundaries of technology and manufacturing capabilities. 

The development of its trademarked Borit Hydrogate technology, a revolutionary technique for forming thin metal sheets, was just the beginning. 

This proprietary technology not only showcased Borit's innovative spirit but also its commitment to leading the industry through breakthroughs in manufacturing processes.


Integrated solutions in the hydrogen market

Borit's journey has been characterized by its agility and forward-thinking approach, quickly finding a solid footing within the burgeoning hydrogen market. 

Recognizing the need for comprehensive solutions, Borit expanded its repertoire to include a suite of additional process capabilities such as laser and mechanical cutting, laser welding, and gasketing

This strategic expansion was driven by the ambition to offer customers a one-stop-shop service, simplifying the supply chain and enhancing the value proposition. The company's evolution has been marked by a series of strategic advancements, each aimed at refining its manufacturing capabilities and better serving the needs of the hydrogen energy sector. 

By integrating these advanced production technologies, Borit has not only enhanced its manufacturing efficiency but also its product quality, setting new standards in the industry.

Leadership in clean energy and sustainable manufacturing

Today, more than a decade after its foundation, Borit stands as a global leader in the manufacturing of metal bipolar plates for fuel cells and electrolyzers, and is a testament to Borit's unwavering dedication to innovation, quality, and customer service. 

With a strong foundation in advanced technology and a clear vision for the future, Borit is well-equipped to continue leading the charge in the transition towards a more sustainable and clean energy future. 

As the world increasingly turns to hydrogen as a key energy source, Borit's role in shaping this future is more crucial than ever, underlining its commitment to excellence and its contribution to a greener planet.


Wherever our customers thrive, we innovate alongside them, aligning with their global footprint to deliver excellence right to their doorstep.