Versatility, precision and quality

The sealing process at Borit is notable for its versatility and precision, accommodating a wide variety of seal geometries. 

This flexibility allows for the customization of sealing solutions to fit the specific needs and configurations of different applications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Whether the requirement is for complex shapes or standard seals, Borit's technology can adapt to provide the perfect fit. 

Integral to the sealing process is the inclusion of pressure leak testing capabilities. This critical step ensures that each sealed component delivers on the promise of durability and integrity under operational pressures, guaranteeing the long-term performance of the fuel cells or electrolyzers.

Expert curing and material selection

Borit employs different curing methods to solidify and set the seals, depending on the material used and the application requirements. 

This approach allows for the optimization of the sealing process, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the seal.

The choice of sealing materials is crucial, and Borit specializes in the use of multiple types of silicone-based materials. 

These materials are selected for their excellent thermal and chemical resistance, durability, and flexibility, making them ideal for the demanding environments of PEM applications.

Through this comprehensive approach to sealing, Borit demonstrates its capability to not only meet but exceed the needs of the industry, providing solutions that enhance the performance and reliability of PEM fuel cells and electrolyzers across a range of applications and scales.  


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