At the Factory of the Future 2024 event in Belgium, Borit proudly stood among the ten distinguished companies awarded the prestigious 'Factory of the Future' title. Recognized for excellence in digitization, talent development, sustainability, and more, this accolade reaffirms our commitment to innovation and manufacturing excellence. 

With notable attendees and a large audience, this event highlighted the evolution of Belgium's manufacturing industry.

Borit among top belgian innovators

Borit is honored to have been part of this illustrious gathering, standing among the ten distinguished Belgian companies awarded the 'Factory of the Future' title this year.

This recognition highlights businesses that are leading the way in digitization, talent development, smart processes, sustainability, and world-class production capabilities.

Hard work and dedication for innovation

The accolade is a testament to the hard work and dedication of companies like Borit, which have consistently pushed the boundaries of manufacturing excellence. 

These awarded companies represent the pinnacle of innovation in Belgium's manufacturing sector, investing in the future through sustainable practices, energy and material efficiency, and fostering a workplace culture that values creativity and autonomy.

As a proud recipient of the 'Factory of the Future' title for the third time, Borit is committed to maintaining and surpassing the high standards set by the award criteria. 

The event, attended by notable figures such as Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon and Walloon Vice President Willy Borsus, and an audience of up to 650 people, underscores the significance of the manufacturing industry's evolution in Belgium.