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Metal plates and assemblies for fuel cells and electrolyzers

Borit supports customers from the early design phase over prototyping to series production, as we use similar technology and capabilities from small to large volumes. This enables a fast product development cycle and allows unique cost advantages.

Borit meets the specific requirements for bipolar plates and interconnects:

  • Challenging designs
  • Thin sheet metal
  • Various metal grades
  • Dedicated and optimized forming, cutting and welding technology
  • Integration of downstream technologies like coating and sealing
  • Offering a clear growth path from prototyping to volume production
  • Applying high quality standards in production (ISO, TS, VDA)


Applicable for various technologies:

Fuel cells: LT-PEM / HT-PEM / DMFCbipolar plates

  • Bipolar plates for air- / liquid cooled fuel cells                                 
  • Single flow or separator plates
  • Welded assemblies
  • Optional coatings (pre-/post-forming)
  • Optional sealing integration



Fuel cells: SOFC

  • Interconnects                                 
  • HT heat exchanger plates



Electrolyzers: PEM / alkaline electrolyzers

  • Bipolar / separator plates

Electrolyzers: SOECInterconnect

  • Interconnects


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