Our engineers support you from the early design phase to make sure that you can tap the full potential of our forming, cutting, welding and further production technologies.

Based on design guidelines and broad experience we conduct your development team to come from first basic drafts to designs for optimal formability and also include downstream production requirements.

In order to minimize your risk we perform small-scale forming tests with the original material on our prototyping press. The achieved formed structures are measured in our measuring lab. So we can offer a time- and cost-efficient pathway from your first draft to the final product.

If required we can also involve partners for additional services like CFD simulations or CAD work.




Material is an important driver of product quality and consistency. Hence material acquisition and material quality control is an important activity as we have gained substantial experience with a wide range of metal grades and alloys for applications. 

First, our processes are suitable for uncoated as well as for coated material. Our Hydrogate™ forming process is particularly favorable for forming (pre-)coated material. We purchase the majority of the materials as high precision metal strip on the market using preselected suppliers. Alternatively, customer specific materials stored at our premises in consignment, can be processed as well.

In general we work with a wide range of grades such as austenitic stainless steel (EN-1.4404 / AISI316L, EN-1.4306 - 4.4307 / AISI304L, EN-1.4539 / AISI904L, EN-1.4845 / AISI310S,…), ferritic stainless steel (EN-1.4016 / AISI430, EN-1.4509 / AISI441, EN-1.4521 / AISI444, EN-1.4762 - 22H - 22APU / Crofer,…), nickel and nickel based alloys (200 / 201, 286, 600, 625,…), titanium (grade 1, grade 2,…), aluminium (1000, 3000,…series) and other materials. The thickness of materials we use depends on the grade and the application. We can work with a thickness ranging from 0.05 mm to a few mm. Most of our products are made with austenitic steel (typical thickness 0.075 or 0.1 mm) or ferritic steel (typical thickness 0.2 or 0.3mm).

Coating and Sealing

As a one-stop-shop, we can offer our customers an appropriate coating and sealing solution through our network. Depending on design and volume requirements, we can elaborate a specific proposal.

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