Borit offers laser cutting as well as mechanical die cutting depending on volume and customer requirements.

Laser cutting

  • Very flexible cutting technology enabling fast design changes
  • High speed / optimal productivity for small and medium series
  • Integrated vision system for tight dimensional tolerances
  • Controlled cutting quality for thin materials

Mechanical die cutting

  • Appropriate cutting technologies for higher series volumes
  • State-of-the-art tooling development leading to tight dimensional tolerances
  • High cutting quality for thin materials


Many (PEM) bipolar plate designs require the joining of two formed plates. Borit has developed state-of-the-art laser welding technology and assets to provide customers with a high-quality and high-speed solution.

Laser welding

  • Remote welding using the most modern fiber laser technology
  • Excellent welding quality and plate flatness control
  • Optimal productivity for a large amount of welds
  • Integrated leak testing based on customer specifications

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