Unique technology

Hydrogate™ is our proprietary technology, which advances classical hydroforming to a continuous process by a highly innovative press concept. Utilizing hydrostatic pressure, Hydrogate™ offers a strong alternative to the traditional forming processes such as a deep drawing, by producing challenging geometries with low residual stress resulting in very flat plates. As a single step process, working from coil, Hydrogate™ offers repeatable quality, attractive turnaround times, low tooling costs and high productivity.

Design flexibility

  • Challenging and complex designs
  • Any metal, any material thickness


  • Less residual stresses after forming
  • Very tight dimensional tolerances and excellent repeatability

Fast, cost efficient development – from prototyping to series production

  • Pragmatic small scale forming tests
  • Rapid tooling for prototyping and series production


  • Continuous production from coil
  • Short cycle times
  • Multiple parts in one cycle

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